Plant Support

  • Plant Yo-Yo With Stopper

    Plant Yo-Yo With Stopper

    Support your plants with our plant yoyo. Just hang it above the plant to support the stem. As your plant grows, retract the yoyo. This is gentle on plants and the yoyo string is 60" in length. Comes with plastic stopper to secure the string at the...

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  • Quick Stix

    Quick Stix

    Quick Stix canopy stakes are the perfect tool for training branches for maximum crop production. Push branches apart or pull them together so that each branch gets optimum light and space.   Combo pack includes: 10ea 6" stix, 10ea 9" stix, &...

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  • Bamboo Plant Stakes

    Bamboo Plant Stakes

    Lightweight Bamboo Plant Stakes have a smooth, attractive finish. Strong and durable, ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Available in 24", 36" or 48" length.

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  • Hemp Twine

    Hemp Twine

    Made from the earths strongest natural fibers, Hemp Twine has a million different uses.You can use it to stake plants in the garden, bundle newspapers and firewood, bunch fresh-cut flowers and culinary herbs for drying, make jewelry and decorative crafts...

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  • Smart Support Plant Yo-Yo

    Smart Support Plant Yo-Yo

    When suspended above a plant, the Smart Support® Plant Yo-Yo hooks to a stem or branch to prevent it from falling or leaning. As the plant grows taller, the 5-foot line retracts while continuing to gently support the plant. Alternatively, use the...

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