About Us

Welcome to CreatorHydro! 

CreatorHydro is formally the largest and oldest hydroponics store in the country. We operate in the best interests of our customers through honesty and integrity. We have gathered credible knowledge in the industry to bring you high quality products and professional services.

Here at CreatorHydro we aim to strengthen our community engagement through outreach and common objectives. Our philosophy is grounded in the idea of growth, not greed. We share knowledge to individuals who wish to better themselves and subsequently the world through self-sustaining practices; or as we like to call it, creative giving.

We believe in the power of:

  • Innovations
  • Solutions
  • Excellence 

Our core purpose and vision is to create an impact on the world of hydroponics using our key strengths: 

  • Resources
  • Technology 
  • Knowledge 
  • Experience 

We are located in beautiful Southern California at:

5754 Tilton Ave
Riverside, CA 92509

Please feel free to call our toll free number (951) 689-4575 with any questions you may have.

Happy Breathing!