Lighting Systems

  • Light Lifters

    Light Lifters

    This unique reflector suspension system allows you to adjust the height of a hood in one simple movement. The tension mechanism will keep the hood in place once it is set at the desired height. The support strings pull out and retract like a yo-yo. Will...

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  • Rope Rachets

    Rope Rachets

    With rope ratchets you simply attach the two hooks and pull the loose end of the rope for a secure, tight hold. rope ratchets stay tight, locking in place as you pull the free end. To loosen you just pull the rope to reduce tension and push the handy...

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  • C.A.P. Lamp Cords

    C.A.P. Lamp Cords

    Lamp cords are available in different lengths. They can be wired into the socket or reflector of your choice. Please note that the 65' lamp cord can only be used with the Nextgen Digital Ballast.

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  • Ushio HPS Enhanced Spectrum Bulbs

    Ushio HPS Enhanced Spectrum Bulbs

    Ushio High Pressure Sodium Grow Bulbs are designed with the grower in mind. As plants approach maturity they require less blue light and depend more upon radiation from the red portion of the spectrum between 610 nm - 720 nm. The Ushio HPS lamps have...

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  • Ballast Adapters Ballast Adapters

    Ballast Adapters

    Enjoy the flexibility of using any ballasts with any reflector on the market.  The LTADAP plug adapts a Hydrofarm fixture/cord set to any ballast. The LTRECEP plug adapts a Hydrofarm ballast to any fixture/cord set.

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  • Universal MH Bulbs

    Universal MH Bulbs

    Metal Halide bulbs are white/blue in the spectrum. They are the best lamps available for vegetative growth of indoor plants. This type of light spectrum promotes short, compact growth in plants. They are ideal for indoor greenhouses and commercial...

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